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Friday, 19 June 2015

Two conflicting headlines this week!

Two conflicting headlines this week!

House prices have shot up to record highs after the Conservative election victory triggered a rush to buy in an overcrowded market. Telegraph16/06

The UK property market slammed into a brick wall in April, with annual house price growth suffering its biggest slowdown for a decade. Telegraph 17/06

What are we supposed to make of this?  Statistics of course can be used to prove all sorts of things to all men but what do these conflicting statements mean to us in Weymouth and Dorchester?  Because the London market is so instant and the sums so large it does skew the figures dramatically and is not a true reflection of what is happening in other parts of the country.   Moral of the story:  take all national statistics with a pinch of salt!!!  A solution is at hand though-
Martin and Co have produced a Market Review and although not Dorset based it is ‘Southern UK’ based so is relevant to our area much more so than the reports put out in the national press.

The report contains in-depth data and analysis of the local region in terms of buy-to-let and the private rental sector.  Interesting statistics and figures from our national marketing report include the fact that the return from a buy-to-let investment can reach as high as 9.0% in our area. Furthermore, in six out of nine Martin & Co regions, the returns from net rental income exceeded annual income from taking an annuity.
The hope is that this regional report will give Martin & Co offices and customers a real insight into how their local property market is behaving.

If you would like a copy please drop into the office in St Thomas Street and pick one up or go to our blog at

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