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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Landlords - Are you getting ripped off??

Landlords - Are you getting ripped off??

A large major London agent is facing a group claim against it for charging inflated amounts for run of the mill maintenance jobs.  Landlords have grouped together to bring the claim against Foxtons , one of the major Lettings agents in London.

How does that affect us down in Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester?  Well in fact it is quite common practice among agents to add not inconsiderable amounts to contractors’ bills when they are charged out to Landlords.  Even if Landlords have sight of the original invoice this will not give the game away as contractors are contracted to give ‘cash backs’ to the agents.

If the contractor is VAT registered it can mean that you the Landlord are paying in excess of 50% more for simple maintenance jobs than is necessary.

My message here is simple, Martin and Co, Weymouth never have or will add any service charge to contractors’ bills.  The price you pay is what the contractor gets.

Quite simply our intention is to keep costs to Landlords as low as possible whilst keeping your property in tip top condition and having happy tenants.

Next time you speak to your agent ask them how much they add to your contractors bills?? Then come and speak to us.

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