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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Work out your BTL returns using my FREE spreadsheet

Following on from my article about where to invest pension cash a couple of weeks ago I had a couple come into the office on Friday with just such a question!  They were in the fortunate position to have cash to invest for income and we discussed the options about types of property that would be best. 
I have put together a spreadsheet that works out your return on investment on any property when rented out.  You can import your mortgage costs, maintenance, agents fees etc together with the cost of the property and the cash available and it will show you your actual return together with percentage figures for your returns.
If anybody would like a free copy of this please call me with an email address or email me on and I will send a copy with my compliments.
What type of property did we discuss?  Two and three bedroom family houses are in high demand and we are getting between 10 and 20 requests for viewings on these and letting them almost instantly so a bit of a no brainer.  We put together some examples (from other agents as well!) and they went off viewing. 
I am happy to spend time with any potential or experienced landlord to investigate what you would like to achieve and work out a business plan to achieve it -  with no obligation!   Please call me.

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