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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cost effective maintenance

Maintenance of rented property is a large part of our business and it is a part that can often go badly wrong usually through poor communication and missed messages.  Here at Martin and Co we have a dedicated maintenance manager whose job it is to take calls from tenants,  decide on the severity of the issue, check with the landlord and instruct a contractor to fix the problem .

Kelly is very capable on all these fronts as those who have had dealings with her will know but we are always looking for innovative new ideas to save us time in the office and make our service more reliable.  We are currently trialling a new web based maintenance system that should do all of the above and more.  When a tenant has a maintenance issue to report, instead of getting on the phone to us they can access a web page and report the issue online.  Kelly will receive an email with all the details and be able to discuss the issue with the landlord and get a contractor to visit.  The system has a series of question and answer routines which try to get the tenant to solve their own problem saving them time and the landlord money on an abortive callout charge.

Such things as boiler pressure low and trip switches going off will no longer need contractors visits and the website system has been proved to reduce callouts by 18% or nearly 1 in 5.

This is just one of many ways that Martin and Co go the extra mile to maximise the return a landlord can make on her property.   Please call us if you have a property to manage.  Cashback available.

Ps Martin and Co DO NOT mark up contractors invoices on any jobs.

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