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Friday, 7 November 2014

Online or Traditional Agency?

Online or Traditional Agency-which gives you the best chance?

The arguments are raging at the moment over which is the best medium through which to sell your house.  Online or Traditional.  Here are some statistics from Zoopla.

It shows 3471 properties were listed for sale in the DT1-5 area from Jan 1st to November 6th 2014.  and  592 are listed as sold subject to contract during that period.

The online only companies  list 34 properties of which 3 are sold subject to contract
Online agencies have therefore sold 8.8% of their listed stock compared to 16.9% sold by traditional agencies.

Admittedly the area sampled is limited but is relevant to our locality and is certainly something to consider when choosing how to market you property

Martin and Co offer both services from their offices in St Thomas Street in Weymouth giving you the best of both worlds.   The cost saving associated with online agencies and the service and help that only a local office can give and also the flexibility to move from Online only to a fully fledged Traditional Service at any point through the sales process.

Philip Wakefield
Martin and Co Weymouth                    01305 775504       

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