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Thursday, 9 October 2014

How much!!!

We often get asked for average rental prices in the Weymouth area compared to Portland and Dorchester.  This is probably best illustrated in a table form which I have attempted below.  These are obviously ball park figures and you can add for property in exceptional condition, in a unique position or subtract for those in a tired condition or poorly located etc.

1 Bed Flat
2 bed flat
2 bed house
3 Bed House

All in £’s per calendar month

Just because those in Dorchester are higher and those in Portland lower does not mean that Dorchester is a better bet for your investment.  Purchase prices on Portland are lower as well so your return can often be better there than in the County town.  It is also very important to take into account how quickly it might be to sell.  Some properties on Portland can take a while to sell and Flats and Apartments are in plentiful supply over the whole area and can also stick.  Semi-detached houses in Weymouth however are always in demand and find new buyers comparatively quickly provided they are well priced.

Rental prices are reasonably stable at the moment.  Good quality, nice condition property will rent quickly to (usually) responsible tenants and the converse can also be true.

It all comes down to doing your homework, asking questions of the agent and the owners. Find out their motivation for selling and see if you can ‘bag that bargain’. Trust me, they are still out there. As we are estate agents as well, I can look at the whole of the market and give you an honest opinion on the investment potential of any property up with any agent. If I see a deal that I think is a good investment I will put it on my blog at

If you have a specific investment in mind and would like someone to offer an opinion please come in to our office at any time and we would be delighted to talk to you.

Philip Wakefield 09/10/2014


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